About Us

Name-Chandresh Kumar

Address- Rajasthan(India)


The goal of our website

Our website provides accurate information to the reader about the history of India which is divided into three parts by Indian historians like history of ancient India, history of medieval India and the history of modern India.Apart from this, efforts have been made to provide information related to history of world.

There are many catagories on our website like Religion, Bollywood, Shayari and Mystery ,in which we have tried to provide you information according to categories.

Members of our team

There are 6 members in our team who operate this website and gather the trustable information for the readers.

The contents of our website

The available contents on our website is original which is written by academics associated with our website. The articles available on our website are almost in Hindi language, however according to the requirement some informations is also given in English.

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